About The Builder

It's All About Value

Value and incorporating quality workmanship into each and every home built.

Henry Frey, President of Euro Custom Homes Inc., understands value. He aims to give you the best value for your money on your new custom-built home. He builds to only one standard and that’s the standard of quality. Every Euro Custom Home is skillfully built with quality material, incorporating standard features that many other builders consider upgrades. Enhanced front elevations with good curb appeal are only a sampling of what you’ll find in all Euro Custom Homes.

When you purchase your fully custom home, you’re assured of getting just what you want and deserve. Deal direct with each supplier for an excellent range of top of the line, high quality material. Without the middlemen, you’re talking to the experts yourself so there’s no doubt about what you’ll be getting – and it will balance value and quality to give you the very best.

Henry has dotted the southwestern Ontario landscape since 1987 and began focusing on home building full-time when he opened Euro Custom Homes Inc. in 1994. Since its inception in 1994, Euro Custom Homes Inc. has built over 450 custom homes in various amount of communities in the Region of Waterloo and neighboring communities. Bringing a strong background in engineering and design to the local building scene, Henry understands the importance of a consistent and controlled approach in design and building.

Hidden Valley Model Home, Kitchener

By carefully controlling each and every facet of your building experience, Henry creates value and quality in your new home. He carefully regulates the number of homes he builds each year, thus ensuring he gives your home the individual attention you deserve. At the same time he strives and maintains value throughout. The tradesmen who work on your new custom home, work on
all the Euro Custom Homes. They understand Henry’s building philosophy to maintain a consistency of quality.

Henry applies a systematic, step-by-step approach to each of his projects. His methodological approach was gleaned from his engineering background and fine tuned to the home building industry. His first step is to meet with you and understand your new home requirements. Next, he’ll design your home and produce a blueprint that is 100% ready and accurate. You’ll have every opportunity to review it and change it until you’re sure it’s exactly what you want.

This approved blueprint is used by each of the trades so they all know exactly what is needed and how each piece fits into the big picture. No work is done unless it’s clearly noted on the blueprint and no changes are made until you’ve had the chance to see the new plans and approve them. That applies to each and every facet of the home, from the electrical configuration through to the structural layout. This systematic approach ensures that every professional working on your home knows exactly what you want.

With Henry’s hands on experience in the practical side along with his technical knowledge and background in CAD and structural design, he can answer all your questions. Whether they deal with electrical and structural questions or code and practical concerns you can be assured of getting the answers you need.

Henry works with you every step of the way as if he were building his own home. All the trades reflect this dedication to giving you the best. With his involvement in the entire process, you know he understands all your needs from the big picture down to the smallest detail. When you invest in a Euro Custom Home, you know you’ll be treated fairly. 

Each Euro Custom Home is founded on value and quality. You’ll receive no unpleasant surprises – only a superior home building experience. 

After all – every homeowner deserves value and lasting quality. You’re assured of that with Euro Custom Homes.